Welcome to Empowering Psychology. I have been working as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist for 20 years in various professional contexts. Beside usual face to face setting, about 10 years ago I begun having sessions with clients online. It gave me the unique opportunity to meet people from all around the World with many different backgrounds and issues. Regardless of all the differences in personalities and backgrounds, I always gave my best to empower people in their lives, strongly believing that getting emotional support, together with empathy and understanding are the core needs of any individual. All the knowledge, techniques, analysis and experience that I put in every process of psychotherapy are based on these pillars.

Many of my clients from different parts of the World were willing to provide feedback for this site about their impressions with my approach. Their words are first hand examples of its efficacy and usefulness. Hereby I would like to express to all of them my deepest gratitude for participation and willingness to share their experience.

Dr. Bojan Lapcevic

Why people need counselling and psychotherapy

Self discovery and development

Empowering personality

Improvement of the quality of life

Empowering life

Family well-being

Empowering relationships

Symptoms relief and/or elimination

Empowering hurt soul

Empowering Thoughts


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